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Hyderabad Osman Sagar/Gandipet Lake is an outstanding place for a picnic for tourists

Osman Sagar, additionally called Gandipet, is a superb cookout spot found, visitors visiting Osman Sagar Lake, likewise called Gandipet, is an incredible excursion spot situated on edges of Hyderabad. Osman Sagar is among the two lakes situated on the city’s outskirts locale providing drinking water to the city.

Osman Sagar Gandipet Lake
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Osman Sagar is a lovely lake found 20 km. west of Hyderabad. The lake is a synthetic supply made by building a dam over the Isa, a tributary of Musi River. The lake has an adjoining bund with rich greenery enclosures, which give a perfect mood to a trip. The lake likewise houses a legacy building, Sagar Mahal, which was worked as a resort by the Hyderabad Nizam and has been changed into a lake resort by the division of Tourism.

Regardless of whether it is summer or winter, the place is constantly swarmed with gushing guests. Mir Osman Ali Khan made this water body as a feature of the damming venture of the stream Musi in the year 1920. The thought was to supply drinking water for Hyderabad city. The lake spreads over a region of 46 sq.km and is the head drinking water hotspot for the twin urban areas.

Gandipet is a much looked for after cookout spot for the general population of Hyderabad and has been produced as an open amusement spot with finished gardens and swimming pool. Gandipet Lake coaxes holidaymakers everywhere throughout the year from all sides of twin urban areas. Sightseers visiting Gandipet feel charming to see a tremendous stretch of serene water sparkling brilliant under the morning sun. The cool wind and relieving feel add to the tranquil condition. Sprawling patio nurseries with brilliant verdure, the vegetation and trees towards the dam’s lower sides makes the place really pleasant. The lake likewise offers sailing offices to the guests anticipating a wonderful ride. Individuals join family and companions for spending a whole day for having a ton of fun. There are bites and beverages accessible in the neighbourhood cafeteria. After a decent rainstorm, the supply is recharged and fills to the overflow, which is again a stunning sight.

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Chilkur Balaji and Osman Sagar Lake

Consolidate both the spots together. Osman Sagar Lake is a tranquil place and looks splendid amid nightfall, a great place to spend thirty minutes touring. As it is close to chilkur Balaji sanctuary, we visited the sanctuary in the evening, and on our way back we came to Gandipet. When we achieved it was evening so we could see dusk too. It was so lovely. By and large a marvellous quiet time.

Area how to reach of Osman Sagar Lake is available by the street at a separation of about 30 km from Hyderabad.

Osman Sagar Lake Telephone no 040-23262327, 1800-425-46464

Gandipet Lake timing (Toll-Free Timings: 7:30 AM – 8:30 PM)

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