Birla Science Museum or B M Birla science centre Hyderabad


BM Birla science centre Hyderabad or Birla Science Museum

Hyderabad The Birla Science Museum is the second period of the B.M. Birla Science Center, one of India’s most renowned foundations for dispersal and advancement of science to people in general. Together with the Birla Planetarium and the Birla Dinosaurium, the Birla Science Museum was made to instruct the majority about the basics of science in a way that is intuitive, energizing, and new — a long ways from simply perusing about it in reading material and diaries.

birla science museum

The exhibition hall was opened in 1990, and it was and still is Hyderabad’s solitary historical centre that is exclusively committed to science. It is a wonderful undertaking considering that science exhibition halls appear to have the shame of being a geek or nerd put, far expelled from the traditional air that is normally given to craftsmanship historical centres or regular history galleries, for instance. In any case, paying little mind to it being a minority, the Birla Science Museum is getting to be one of the more well-known attractions in Hyderabad.

Nirmala Birla Art Gallery is one of all the more intriguing segment. As the name proposes this workmanship exhibition shows an immense gathering of different lovely manifestations. It has comprised an intricate labyrinth of precious stone dolls and figures. An ivory design which gloats of unpredictable carvings and puppets add on to the general excellence of this place. You likewise have areas which took into account the universe and ancient time also.

You can design your visit on quickly and require not limit to ends of the week just as Birla Science Museum Hyderabad timings are from 10.30 am to 8 pm. It is sufficient for stopping office also.

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Hyderabad BM Birla Science Museum Address: Near Birla Mandir, Saifabad, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004, India.